Monday 16th September | 01:00 PM

Next Generation Airfield Pavements: Utilizing Aramid Fiber in Balanced Mix Design - Phillip Blankenship, Blankenship Asphalt Tech and Training, PLLC 

Improving Performance of High-RAP HMA with Bio-Oils - Vince Aurilio and  Hussain Bahla, VA Asphalt Pavement Technologies Inc. 

Airfield Pavements in the Canadian Artcitc Region, Design & Construction - Jozef Grajek, EJG Aviation

Rubberized Modifiied Airfield Mixtures: Tracing the Past and Exploring Advances Towards Sustainable Material - Sina Viramini, Crumb Rubber Manufacturers

CAPTG Closing Remarks - Myron Thiessen, CAPTG Chair


Sina Varamini
Crumb Rubber Manufacturers
Vince Aurilio
Vince Aurilio
VA Asphalt Pavement Technologies Inc.
Philip Blankenship
Phillip Blankenship
Blankenship Asphalt Tech and Training, PLLC
Shirley Ddamba (1)
Shirley Ddamba
Vancouver Airport Authority
Richard Blommers
Richard Blommers
Session Moderator
Tetra Tech