The Canadian Airfield Pavement Technical Group (CAPTG) was developed as a national forum to open up new avenues of communications in the Canadian Airport Community for the dissemination of expertise, knowledge, and experience related to airfield pavement technology and other related technical issues as a response to the decentralization and privatization of Canadian airports.

The primary goals of CAPTG are to:

  • share information/lessons learned between members and associations;
  • provide access to technical manuals relating to design, construction, operation and maintenance of pavements;
  • facilitate the development of training sessions relating to various issues of airport/airfield design, construction, operation and maintenance;
  • identify possible joint research projects amongst participating members of academia, airport authorities and government agencies;
  • minimize repetitive research;
  • act as an information network for the Canadian airport industry, and
  • co-ordinate the efforts of its members in the development and assessment of both new and existing airfield pavement technology.

CAPTG has partnered with the SWIFT since 2004