SWIFT 2023 - 2024

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the first full SWIFT conference since 2019 and the first Equipment Year expo since 2017 where suppliers displayed and demonstrated airfield equipment of all sizes:

In 2024, the conference & expo returns to Vancouver (historically the best attended SWIFT location) between September 17th and 19th. Early bird tickets go on sale in March. Save the date!

Sponsorship and expo inquiries: Sponsor SWIFT

CAPTG (Canadian Airport Pavement Technology Group) are maintaining their long-standing relationship with the event with sessions exploring technological developments in the design, construction evaluation and maintenance of pavements.


  • Exchanging ideas, issues and solutions about every aspect of airfield maintenance.
  • Sharing results of research and development projects
  • Identifying issues and changes to existing regulations, policies, standards and guidelines, technical training, maintenance management and practices


  • Airport authorities – small, medium and large airports located in Canada, US and Europe
  • Airfield operations, civil engineering and maintenance management
  • Government agencies involved in developing and regulating airports
  • Air traffic control agencies
  • Airport pavement engineers and contractors
  • Military airport operators and pilots
  • Manufacturers of airfield related materials, chemicals, equipment, instruments and systems
  • Aircraft manufacturers
  • Airline representatives


  • Design, construction, and maintenance of airport pavements
  • Snow removal & ice control procedures & equipment
  • Regulations relating to airfield operations & maintenance
  • Evaluation of runway surface conditions
  • User perspectives on airfield operation & maintenance
  • Anti-icing and de-icing chemicals and techniques
  • Environmental issues related to airfields