Evergreen Solutions

We’ve engineered two distinct AvaSol solutions for grooved & non-grooved runways.

Both products provide powerful, efficient cleaning without compromising the environment or the user’s safety and contain no hazardous carcinogens or phosphates, therefore no special safety equipment is required.

Provides an easy-to-use, safe and efficient solution for both grooved and non-grooved runways and can be applied with sprayers prior to agitation. Due to the less viscous nature of AvaSol-NR3, it should be misted over grooved runways and should be agitated immediately to minimize run off.

Engineered especially for grooved runways to minimize runoff and ensure optimum contact with the working sur- face of the runway. This product is easy to apply and goes to work immediately to dissolve the rubber prior to agita- tion for an efficient runway turnaround. Because of its viscosity, AvaSol-GR3 is also extremely effective on non-grooved runways.

• Low oral toxicity • Non-carcinogenic • Non-sensitizing

• Safe on skin (non-irritant) • Non-flammable • Non-corrosive
• No special protective gear required during application

• Readily biodegradable • Low acute aquatic toxicity • Limited effect on aquatic life
• No ozone-depleting substances • Safe alternative to hazardous substances

• Grooved & non-grooved runways • Ship decks • Race tracks • Warehouse floors
• Parking lots