LARUE, have been manufacturing and selling industrial snowblowers (detachable and self-propelled) for municipalities, contractors and government institutions such as airports and national defense for over 40 years.

Founded in 1973 by André Larue, LARUE has become one of the largest manufacturers of snowblowers of all categories. Now taken over by the second generation with Denis and Louis Larue, we are more than ever passionate about excellence and innovation.

With our experienced team, we listen to our customers. We remain at the forefront of the industry by creating, modernizing and improving our products every season. We are thus ensuring that we maintain our leadership position with an exceptional product line that combines excellence and power. Our team of engineers work to design and build the best blowers available on the market at competitive prices.

When precipitation accumulates or a storm hits, you have to act quickly and have to rely on a snowblower that combines power and reliability. This is where LARUE comes in. With our large choice of products and the many options available, we offer you a snowblower adapted to your reality, your environment and the conditions in which you operate.