Covid 19, Travel Restrictions and Recovery


Meet some of the airside ops professionals who will be sharing their thoughts on how the pandemic has affected them and how they feel about the future of the industry at the SWIFT 2021 welcome session on Sept 1st:

With thanks to Alan Sherwood, Greater Toronto Airports, Barbara Rupert and Billy O’Brien, Ottawa International Airport Authority, Karl Rioux, Montreal-Trudeau, Mark Miller, Minneapolis−Saint Paul International and Sarah Steves (pictured) Denver International Airport.

Join us at the 30-minute Welcome Session on 1st September

  • Hear more from these airside ops professionals
  • Meet your 2019 SWIFT SEPTEMBER hosts
  • Meet the chairs of SWIFT and CAPTG
  • Network and integrate – virtual SWIFT induction
  • Get a full precis of each session and plan your SWIFT
  • Airlines, airports and regulators $47.50 CAD
  • Suppliers $290 CAD