SWIFT 22 Day 2 – Program Announced

The second day of SWIFT 22, hosted by YUL airport in Montréal, is set to be an exciting one! A morning of winter demos at Aeromag 2000, followed by a winter-themed afternoon of sessions, before buses will transport delegates downtown to St Henri for the Eagle night out sponsored by Team Eagle.

The winter morning will be hosted at Aéro Mag 2000, with showcases from: Aebi-Schmidt, Aéro Mag 2000, Airmark, FOD Commander, Graco, Larue, Overaasen, Polar De-icer and RCAM (Team Eagle). Demos include: Glycol capture and recovery, Line painting (and removal), Wildlife management – including Drone flight and Airsoft gun demo and trial.

After lunch our two sessions will be Winter & Infrastructure chaired by Neil Pritchard, Head of Business Change at London Heathrow, and Winter Operations & Coordination straight after, chaired by Mike Carlson, Assistant Director Airside Operations at Denver International Airport. This session is sponsored by JCAII.

In the Winter & Infrastructure session, sponsored by Commercial Emergency Equipment, Neil will be joined by Gabriel Lepine Regional Manager of Aéro Mag 2000, Joseph Chen, Director of Planning & Engineering at YYJ in partnership with Stantec and Ha Vu, Project Engineer/Aviation with HATCH. Winter Operations & Coordination will feature Robin Hollet and Bill Lonergan of Chicago O’Hare, Jarin Horton, AVP Operations of Dallas Fort Worth airport, and Jim Kriksciun, Managing Director, Hub Control Center for American Airlines.